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Lily CarterLily CarterJune 1, 2017


Some Trekking & Adventure Travels, Did You Ever Done!

  • Trekking and other hiking adventures allow you to enjoy destinations and sceneries at your own speed. No matter if it is cultural, wildlife, scenic or mountains you are after, these tips that we are going to discuss will let you have it all. If our creator never wanted us to walk and discover the beauty of its creations, then he would have never given us a pair of legs to walk. Trust me, they are more than to walk to your refrigerator and climb stairs. Humans are designed to scale mountains, swim oceans and walk miles. We don’t know our own true potential. So this summer, let’s find out what your body can truly do physically, by taking the best tracks for trekking.
  • Walking, which consists of trekking, hiking, and even mountaineering is invariably a way to getting exercise. With the help of this, you can get access to the most beautiful sceneries. You can also get closer to the wildlife without a barrier between and an exclusive chance to meet the locals on even terms. By trekking in the most remote and beautiful part of the world, you can justify the dessert after dinner at the end of your day and feel the pride in accomplishing those hikes.
  • First of all, you have to decide what is your goal and what is you looking for in your hike? If it’s the wildlife thing, then you need to pack your bags in accordance with it. For places, you can go to Africa for wildlife walking safaris. The African continent is rich in wildlife but if you want to scale mountains along with checking up wildlife, you can go to Himalayas and Karakorum mountains in Nepal and Pakistan. There not only you can witness the beautiful creations of God, you can also watch amazing sceneries along with interacting with the locals. Himalayas and Karakorum are the home of thousands of high peaks, so it will also be a double treat for you.
  • If you fancy some history with trekking, the best place will be Peru’s Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or a trek to Petra in Jordan. There are other places as well that are most suitable for you such as Egypt, where you can see the Great Pyramids of Giza and other historical sites. You can also go to China to see The Great Wall and trekking there is also exceptional.
  • Sri Lanka and India are in the leagues of their own, as they offer the best wildlife with trekking and scuba diving experience. There are several national parks in both countries where you can visit wildlife. They are also rich in history and their culture is also a great source of learning for any tourist. If you want to trek or ski in Europe, the best place is in the Alps. They are quite easily accessible and apart from trekking and skiing, you can do mountain climbing too.

These are my preferred locations for trekking and other adventures. I hope you enjoy reading and consider visiting them soon. Enjoy what nature has to offer us anywhere in the world.

Lily CarterLily CarterJune 1, 2017


11 Best Travel Tips for Traveling Anywhere in the World

If you are a consistent traveler, you would have definitely learned your fair share of lessons like missing a flight or a train, being delayed, being lost, language problems and more. With time you must have overcome them as these are the most common mistakes. However, if you are a new traveler, there are few things that you may want to consider before setting a foot outside your home. We have listed 10 best travel tips for traveling anywhere in the world that can help new as well as experienced travelers.

The most important thing in traveling is never to lose your nerve and composer, as many travel mishaps can be avoided or they are part of traveling. However, with these travel tips, you can make your travels much easier.

  1. Being bendable

One of the most important things in traveling is patience. Things can go wrong and it’s no surprise your plans can go the opposite way with problems such as delays. The best way to tackle it is not to get emotional or upset and being bendable.

  1. Compose a list

Before going out on any trip, you must consider composing a list. It can include all the items you don’t want to forget. It may also include the things to do or don’t.

  1. Getting acquainted with local language and traditions

Whenever visiting a country that doesn’t share your language or traditions, it is best to learn few important words and phrases of their language along with knowing their few traditions so that you can mix with them. These phrases will include “Thank You”, “Hello”, “How are you?”, “Sorry” and more.

  1. Multiple Batteries of mobile phone & camera

One of the most important things is to keep your mobile phone or camera charged for that one important call, or the picture of the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you may see in the place of your visit. It is hard to keep your phone or camera charged all the time, but it is not hard to have multiple batteries of for your devices.

  1. Dress traditionally

Always try to dress traditionally so that you can blend in with the local population. It also makes your hosts happy.

  1. Get the most reliable travel insurance

A medical emergency can clear your savings and cut short your trip, or even worse. So use only the most reliable travel insurance.

  1. Extra copies of essential documents

It is wise to make extra photocopies of essential documents such as passports, visa, tickets and booking papers. During travels, it is highly probable to lose a small and important document that may get you landed in a huge trouble. So for this reason, always set your travels with copies of every important document.

  1. Important hand-carry items

There are few important items that should be with you in your hand-carry such as first aid kit, electronics, toothbrush, and an extra set of underwear or even a swimsuit for beach vacations. Sometimes luggage does get lost in transit and it’s important to keep one set of documents along with these items with you all the time.

  1. Photos and Souvenirs

Never forget to take plenty of photos and souvenirs from your trips as a part of your memory. You can later recall your unforgettable trip with the photos.

  1. Be open minded

As a tourist in a foreign country, it is important that you don’t judge other customs. You should always be more respectful towards the customs and traditions of other countries.

  1. Socialize with locals

It is important to always take the help from locals in matters to know the best restaurants, amazing spots for scenery and pictures and places to visit.

Lily CarterLily CarterJune 1, 2017


5 Best Places to Travel this Summer

It is summers already and a majority of us are thinking where to go for this year’s vacation. Many of us have already planned out months before for the summer travels, but those of you who haven’t yet decided, we have put up a list that can help you find the best places in the world to travel.

We cannot just pack our bags and take off to any country or destination for our vacations as most of us like to, instead we have to plan our trip based on many points. We must foresee the global events that may have an effect on the places we have chosen, our budget, the culture, and religion of the place and if the place is worth visiting. We know that people travel to different and faraway places for incredible food and drink. Apart from this, there are many other factors that can determine the choice of your travels.

People living in a colder part of the world tend to enjoy beach vacations and the luxuries of a comfortable resort, warm water, and a romantic view. However, people living in hotter climate loves going cooler places for trekking and camping experience. So enjoy our list and consider visiting these places.

  1. Brazil
    Last year during Summer Olympics, Brazil waived its visa, which was a big success. This encouraged people to travel beyond big cities and discover the country’s beauty and much smaller cities. You can rent a beach villa or a farmhouse in Brazil for your family or friends vacation. The beaches and forest are the ultimate attraction of this country.
  2. Bermuda
    It was not long ago when this small ye beautiful country was hit by financial crisis and the tourism helped it recover. Bermuda has attracted millions of young travelers for its high profile beaches, resorts, and an exotic nightlife. Make your trip there and maximize the fun.
  3. Hawaii
    We won’t be wrong if we say Hawaii is the capital of tourism in Pacific. This American state offers the best beaches and coast along with some beautiful and exhilarating trekking paths. Hawaii hosts millions of people from all over the world annually and provides them with a wonderful experience.
  4. France
    Concealed by Alpine forests and Alps along with warm and exotic beaches, France has it all. Whether you are looking for warm beaches, resorts, yachts, and nightlife; trekking in Alps or museums, sightseeing and other things, France is the best place to visit. You can visit medieval castles, museums, famous sites, Eiffel Tower and enjoy their nightlife, food and other delights.
  5. Madagascar
    Madagascar is an island located in near Mozambique in Africa. This beautiful island is sometimes overlooked as just another safari spot. Madagascar is home to thousands of flora and fauna found nowhere else on this planet. This one trip should never be delayed as it will surely become infected with people in summers and winters soon. Make your trip to this beautiful and remote island in Africa to have the get time in life.

Lily CarterLily CarterMay 30, 2017


6 Secrets of a Better Economy Flight, You Don’t Know

Traveling in an airplane is just like magic. Since the invention or the first plane, the world has never looked back and today we enjoy it as the safest and fastest way to travel around the world. Although air fares are different for each class, the least expensive class to travel is an economy. It is far comfortable than any other class but due to the nature of the pricing, it is the most traveled class in any airline.

A short 2 3 hour flight is quite enjoyable in an economy class, but when you travel on long hauls, international or even intercontinental flights, the same exciting travel can become quite stressful in which you feel unease with everything. But in this article, we have discussed some tips that can help you to make your economy flights even better than you can ever imagine. From the time you book your flight, to the moment you complete your journey and unclip your seat belts; there is plenty you can do to make your time in the air more comfortable, healthy, happy, pleasant and cost effective.

  1. Advance booking

Get your airline ticket booked in as early as 11 months in advance. Not only you can get your ticket at amazingly low prices, you can also avail different offers along with a chance or upgrades to economy plus or even business class. Although it is difficult to book this early as the factor of uncertainty remains in all our programs, but you can try to make your trips confirm to avail these luxuries.

  1. Route

Try to choose the best flying route. Today, almost each flight is connected from one destination to another. Which means you won’t get to sit from flight to landing to your ultimate destination. You can choose intervals that have easy visa policy and good sightseeing. So mark your short stay in those destinations and visit the world within flights.

  1. Pick Your Favorite Seat

Always try to board early so that you can have the luxury of your preferable seat. You can sit with a window to get the best pictures of the world underneath, or the front seats to relax your legs for the complete flight. You can also sit in the aisle to access the service or toilet easily.

  1. Food

Most of the airlines cut cost in food as they get the cheapest rations in bulk quantity. So it’s better to get the packed food items such as biscuits or chips which you can trust for the safety and health.

  1. Drinks

Never go for too much booze and other alcohol drinks in the flight as the effects of it can double due to altitude. You can instead opt for soft drinks or juices that can also provide the essential nutrients to your body.

  1. Socialize

It’s better to socialize on longer flights than to just sit in your seat and watching time that never passes on such moments. You can make an in-flight friend(s) and swap seats with them and as you don’t know them, you have a lot to tell each other and trust me it helps killing time.

Lily CarterLily CarterMay 30, 2017


5 Secrets to a Better Flight Experience for Travelers

Airplanes are the most advanced, fast, safe and sophisticated forms of transport, and it is no surprise that people prefer traveling in them. But most of the people don’t seem to know about all the oddness about them. For this reason, we have put our research in this article which can help you enhance your flight experience and make your journey comfier. So read this article and keep these points in your mind for your next flight.

  1. Go for the Best Seat

If you reach the airport in advance of your flight boarding times, you will have the luxury to get the seat of your choice. Our advice to you is to get the seat where you are comfortable especially for long flights. But if you are unable to decide, then we advise you to go for front seat as you can be taken care of better. There are other advantages too as the toilet will be just ahead of you. Other than that, the service will also reach sooner than it will at the back and you will have a complete set from the menu to choose from. This can also help you to get on board much easily along with getting off from the plane. You will also be protected from the least comfortable engine sounds.

  1. Pros & Cons of Window Seat

It may sound fascinating to sit beside the window and enjoy the view, but it comes with great disadvantages too. Having a window seat may get you the limited views of the outside world but there is less to it than it seems. Although the temperature and pressure in control in an aircraft, the freezing temperature, and low atmosphere pressures may still have some effects on the window seat which can make your travel uncomfortable. Apart from that, if the seat beside your window seat is occupied, you may find it difficult to cross it and go for the toilets, especially when the person is asleep.

  1. Food Choice

Always go for the food that is easier to digest and you are comfortable with it. Sometimes a plane goes into a holding pattern before landing and these patterns can disturb your digestive patterns.

  1. Hygiene

This can be a matter of great concern for everyone as aircraft are not cleaned properly due to their busy flight schedule. In the flying hours, you have no idea what an aircraft goes through and the folding tables or pockets are used for the ugliest of works such as changing baby’s diapers. So it is better to keep hand sanitizers and wipes for your health assurance.

  1. Flight Timing

If you have the luxury of choosing your flight time, always go for the early morning flight as it will most probably have fewer passengers, low probability of delay, and in some cases reduced turbulence.

We hope you find this article interesting and useful. Read it and know these unknown secrets to a comfortable flight and maximize your flight enjoyment.

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