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Lily CarterLily CarterMay 23, 2017


2017 Summer Swimwear Trends for Beach Trips

You have dreamt all winter and spring about shopping for the latest summer 2017 swimwear trends. It is about time that we are listing the latest collection of 2017 trendy and fashionable swimwear apparel which will make your warm vacations even warmer. The thing which makes girls happy is getting excited and over joyous for new apparel trends especially swimwear, as it provides them a chance to flaunt their bodies and soak the sun after cold winters and cool springs. So girls prepare a lot to put the perfect wardrobes for upcoming holidays down South.

So in order to shop, we need to know the summer 2017 swimwear trends. Check out the top summer 2017 swimwear trends listed below.

Tassel Swimsuit

If you like to swim in the ocean along with enjoying cozy walks on sand, Tassel swimsuit is the best for you. Wearing this garment will add a whole lot of fun to you parties and you can wear it on day and nights. Bring out the Latina in yourself and have fun this summer on your beach trips and poolside.

Floral Printed Bikinis

These swimwears add color to your beach vacations and pool parties. It complements the summer season and they are in fashion since past couple of years. There can be some variations in Floral printed styles and they can be used in crop tops, halter bikinis, tassel swimsuits, high waisted and even plus-sized bikinis.

Utter beauty

These swimwears are designed from the concept of latest trends in party dresses and they bring glamor to the sand and pools. These swimsuits are available in one piece and two pieces. They can be worn on beach parties, pool parties, simple and romantic beach honeymoons and any other occasion. You can be glamorous, elegant and classy at the same time and flaunt your curves in the best way. Maximize their effect and try some elegant jewelry with them.

Halter Bikini

One of the great styles that are going to hit us in summer 2017 is Halter swimwear trend. It has been in the limelight in 2016 and it is going to sweep away 2017 as well with more color combinations and designs. It has already dominated runways and has redefined the word ‘sexy’ in a whole new manner.

Lace Swimsuits

One of the swimwear trends in 2017 is Lace swimsuits. Showing skin is just enough while making the blood boil with imaginations running. Such is done by a lace bikini, which not only spices up the whole beach, but it also uplifts the mood.

High Waisted Bikini

A high waisted bikini was designed for plus size, but it has also taken over slim women. Not only this swimsuit beautifies your curves, it gives the perfect shape to your body and makes you more desirable.

Tank Bikini

Tankinis or tank bikinis are also one of the most fashionable trends in swimwear. Let’s spice things up with these swimwear sets. Tankinis are going to make women goddesses bathing in sun and oceans. Become one in one tankini and make the most out of this summer.

Swimwear has so many forms and designs and with time it will grow to other lines. They have become bolder, but at the same time they have produced confidence in women and shaped their personalities. Women now have better ability to overlook their imperfections and not become self-conscious. So just enjoy this year’s swimsuit trends and stay put for more designs in apparel.

Lily CarterLily CarterMay 23, 2017


Learn How To Show Your Figure with Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dress or bandage dress is a kind of dress that appears to be made from multiple thin layers of stretchable clothing sewn together with the specific strips formed up like bandages. It was made popular by the designer Herve Leger. This dress came to prominence in the 90s as it was appreciated by women who thought that it inspires confidence in highlighting the body figure rather than hiding it. Sleek lines that were created on the female figure were also admired by women all over the world. A Bodycon dress is basically a tight fitting and body hugging dress that is usually made from spandex or Lycra. They are mostly short in length, more often up to mid thighs.

They are not fit for al body shapes due to their tightness. This dress works best on an hourglass body shape. Women who have the narrow waist and almost equal bust and hips have the best shape as a resultant. Their curves are better served in a Bodycon dress than simpler ones. These dresses are also low cut to show cleavage which is why an hourglass shape will look best in it that a simple and plain body shape. Therefore, women with the simple and straight figure or even small hips and bust will not found a Bodycon dress that much attractive than a woman with curves would do. But there are all sorts of new designed Bodycon dresses that have enabled women with sleek and simple figures to wear these dresses with pride and joy and attract all sorts of eyes towards them. Women can also wear these dresses on beaches and pool parties as they are prominent and no one will care if they see one. It can also be a trend as pool parties or beach parties do entertain such dresses along with swimwear. They should be the first choice at such events in autumn or early winter season.

If you are searching for a perfect Bodycon dress that compliments your figure and flaunts maximum appeal to the watching eyes without illuminating anything too dire, then we have put a list of designs that are best for this summer 2017. These dresses are also decent and you can wear them to your workplace, office, parties, dinners, lunch, brunch, and anywhere. All these dresses can provide you with enough charm to make things work for you. Due to the place, these dresses have made in your wardrobe, many outlets and online stores have opted for a separate category which is also vast. You can shop in their cosmic Bodycon dress category and further choose from their subcategories such as Night Bodycon dress, Short Bodycon dress, White Bodycon dress, Party Bodycon dress and much more.

Bodycon dresses once had the height of sophistication and they were worn by only the rich in the society. However, with the passing time and introduction of new trends beyond society class, these dresses have almost made their way in all wardrobes. Their style has developed over the period, but their followers have grown immensely. We can predict for the upcoming few years that your investment in these dresses will always pay off.

Lily CarterLily CarterMay 23, 2017


Some Fashionable Pieces of Plus Size Wardrobe

The lack of plus size fashion apparel at forefront of fashion has always been a problem from a long period of time. But finally, it has started to change now. There are many brands and stores that have included plus size merchandise along with beautiful curvy models in their campaigns. Not only that, there are stores dedicated to providing solely plus sized clothing. They provide fashionable plus size clothing for beautiful curvy women all over the world.

The most refreshing thing about plus-size fashion dresses is that is not only the bigger size of the traditional trendy dresses but also they are in fashion for plus size women. Plus size women have their own fashion line and it should never be mixed with traditional size. This has shed light on the fact that fashion rules that were once forced on certain body types just don’t apply anymore. Before we had stores that deal in only plus size fashion, it was common for curvy women to shy away from trends like crop tops, swimwear, intimates, bold patterns and Bodycon dresses. But now we see these types of dresses for a huge variety of shapes and they are beautiful.

In the past, the most common complain about the clothes available for the size 14+ was they were often a year behind trends. Plus size women had to settle with outdated and obsolete outfits, but things have now improved for them. Today, apart from their own size provider stores, they have their own category on regular online stores too.

We have rounded up – plus size fashion dresses which are in trend. Click through and see our Picks and try the outfits for to become one of the most fashion forward girls with beautiful curves.

Plus Size Fashion

These are the dresses designed by top designers and sold on many independent retailers. Due to the potential in this kind, stores have started to entertain a separate category for it and in that, you can find linen dresses, jumpsuits, maxis, casual, Bodycon and skirt dresses. Following are some of the plus size fashion dresses that you can try on yourself for this spring. Some of these dresses are also available in different colors. Be trendy this spring and summer and lead a fashion forward lifestyle.


Popular Dresses

Following are some of the popular dresses. These dresses are the choice of thousands of plus size women.


Skirts Sets

Skirt dress is more of a wish for a woman than being a dress. Women love skirts and they wear it to all their favorite places. They also wear it to enhance their mood. So see the list of beautiful skirts below. Wear them on a fine spring evening and enjoy the warmth and comfort of beautiful day and night.


Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are skin wrapped dresses. They are trendy and considered one of the fashion items of this decade. Following is the list of plus size Bodycon dresses available on different outlets.


Casual & Maxi Dresses

Everyone wear something at home or on their off day. But to wear the best and trendy on a spring evening is the mindset of each individual. Following are some casual dresses you can look at.


I hope you have liked my choice of plus size dresses. These beautiful designs will dictate fashion in not only size 14+ women but also in other categories. Not only you can shop these dresses, you can also shop footwear, intimates, swimwear dresses and accessories on different online and physical stores in plus size category. So shop trendy and beautiful size clothing and other essentials and beautify your curves.

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