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14 Essential Tips to Buy Genuine Leather Bags

The leather market is drenched with cheap and sham leather items made from low-quality craftsmanship and material that worn out after a season or even quicker. In order to differentiate good leather bags that are reasonably priced from high priced unworthy of even selling products, we have made a research and put it in words in this article for you. Few people in the world know how to get good quality leather bags. Read the following guidelines to further determine their quality and price.

In order to determine the authenticity of a leather bag, the first step is to know whether it is made from real leather or not. Good quality leather is a natural product and no manmade product will ever come close to its quality or endurance. You should always look for a gull grain and unaltered or coated surface leather. There are other two factors that determine the quality and price of leather. They are the hide selection and tanning process. The hide selection determines the cleanliness of leather with regards to the amount of natural marking on the hide. It is also graded on overall health conditions of animal’s skin. On the other hand, tanning is a process which treats animal skin to produce leather. It makes it more durable and less vulnerable to decay. Good quality leather must have soft, supple and naturally appealing touch. It should not look like vinyl or any other synthetic material.

You should also check the lining and finishing before drawing that leather bag to your cart. Linings should be made from a strong material. They should perform over a long period of time. Anything fragile or cheap on the inside imitates the craftsmanship and lifespan of the product in general. Other things to consider after approving the leather quality are zippers, handles, and straps. You have to carefully analyze these last things without ignoring them as a broken handle or zip can produce disarray in your leather bag. Following are some of the leather bags to get your hands on in 2017.


Sometimes big stores and brands can also mislead you to fake and poor quality leather bags or other products. It is always advised that first determine the fashion trend, then check the quality of leather and zipping along with other points discussed in this article and then purchase it.

The increase in fashion awareness and consciousness has put everyone to get the latest and trendy products and accessories. People love to use trendy handbags along with other stylish accessories that complement their apparel and looks. Every man and woman want to be part of latest fashion hype and be appreciated for their style and taste. They spend loads of money on different items, which has resulted in fashion frenzy and lavish lifestyles in modern society. So be a wise man or woman and get the item worth your hard earned money.

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