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6 Makeup Tips for Coping Up the Skin Oil

The greasy skin slips away all the high-end primer, the most luxuriously expensive foundation, the beautiful blush you might recently be bought or can smudge your eyeliner, all in awhile. The slipperiness from excessive oil production from your esteemed sweat glands can spoil hours you spend on your face to look pretty. Hence, mind that oily skin demands your extra care and some concern when you buy makeup products. They are variable ranges available out there for your skin type. You just have to open a wide eye. For making it bit easier for you, we have got some real time tips and trick which help you heal you oily skin issues.

  1. Mask: A slight care before applying makeup can make the heap of difference in the end look. Use oil-free mask such as clay mask, cucumber mask or just a gram flour paste with some drops of lemon juice will do its job to reduce oil and make your skin smooth and dry.
  2. Toner: A correct toner will facilitate balance and stability of the oiliness of the skin. For all oily skin beholders should have a rose water spray bottle in handy. Just spray out rose water on face, will keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Prime out the Oil: Primers are usually the base of your makeup. Try to have oil free and sweat proof primers. You can use them on your oily part of the face such as nose, forehead, chin and areas around your nose.
  4. Foundation: A right selection of foundation is necessary, make waterproof, sweat proof or oil proof base. However, when this is the era of concealer, use them. It has such nice results on oily skin. Whereby, keep in mind that you should buy something which can be easily blended. The next option is to use powder based foundation or mouse with matte coverage.
  5. Longevity of Makeup: Always keep an owl’s eye on the longevity of your makeup. It is ought to be written on products wrapper or on information manual. Long wear products mostly come in the cream form such as cream eyeshadow and blushes.
  6. Blotting Paper: Take a bunch of blotting papers in your travel bag or makeup pouch. It will be a friend of your throughout your day. It can not only draw oil from your skin but also lift of dust and pollutant debris from your skin.

So now, you have some really simple yet amazing and not forgettable tips for combating your skin oil. Last but not least take very good care of your face, wash with good cleanser twice daily. Lastly, buy less but spend on quality of your makeup products

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