6 Secrets of a Better Economy Flight, You Don’t Know

6 Secrets of a Better Economy Flight, You Don’t Know

6 Secrets of a Better Economy Flight, You Don’t Know

Traveling in an airplane is just like magic. Since the invention or the first plane, the world has never looked back and today we enjoy it as the safest and fastest way to travel around the world. Although air fares are different for each class, the least expensive class to travel is an economy. It is far comfortable than any other class but due to the nature of the pricing, it is the most traveled class in any airline.

A short 2 3 hour flight is quite enjoyable in an economy class, but when you travel on long hauls, international or even intercontinental flights, the same exciting travel can become quite stressful in which you feel unease with everything. But in this article, we have discussed some tips that can help you to make your economy flights even better than you can ever imagine. From the time you book your flight, to the moment you complete your journey and unclip your seat belts; there is plenty you can do to make your time in the air more comfortable, healthy, happy, pleasant and cost effective.

  1. Advance booking

Get your airline ticket booked in as early as 11 months in advance. Not only you can get your ticket at amazingly low prices, you can also avail different offers along with a chance or upgrades to economy plus or even business class. Although it is difficult to book this early as the factor of uncertainty remains in all our programs, but you can try to make your trips confirm to avail these luxuries.

  1. Route

Try to choose the best flying route. Today, almost each flight is connected from one destination to another. Which means you won’t get to sit from flight to landing to your ultimate destination. You can choose intervals that have easy visa policy and good sightseeing. So mark your short stay in those destinations and visit the world within flights.

  1. Pick Your Favorite Seat

Always try to board early so that you can have the luxury of your preferable seat. You can sit with a window to get the best pictures of the world underneath, or the front seats to relax your legs for the complete flight. You can also sit in the aisle to access the service or toilet easily.

  1. Food

Most of the airlines cut cost in food as they get the cheapest rations in bulk quantity. So it’s better to get the packed food items such as biscuits or chips which you can trust for the safety and health.

  1. Drinks

Never go for too much booze and other alcohol drinks in the flight as the effects of it can double due to altitude. You can instead opt for soft drinks or juices that can also provide the essential nutrients to your body.

  1. Socialize

It’s better to socialize on longer flights than to just sit in your seat and watching time that never passes on such moments. You can make an in-flight friend(s) and swap seats with them and as you don’t know them, you have a lot to tell each other and trust me it helps killing time.

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