5 Lazy Ways to Burn Body Fat In Short Time

5 Lazy Ways to Burn Body Fat In Short Time

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5 Lazy Ways to Burn Body Fat In Short Time

It always comes to blood and sweat when working out for health, fitness and weight loss; and if there is not enough, you can feel that you’re doing it wrong. But in reality, working towards a weight loss goal by burning calories and fats doesn’t always have to be fanatically difficult or complicated. These 5 simple punches can help you drop some weight without even moving an extra muscle. Adopt them in your lifestyle and let others sweat on a treadmill. With these methods, you will not even need to change your pajamas for expensive trainers or embarrassing skin tight clothes.

Adopt Eating Habits

Develop a mind full eating habit which has the power to make your food more pleasurable. This will help you avoid overeating and make you feel relaxed. According to scientific researches, relaxation and diet pleasures help promote parasympathetic and digestive cycles. In other words, your metabolism will digest faster if you enjoy your meals. You can also finish your eating session with a candy or a small chocolate in order to make it more enjoyable and tasty. These habits can enhance your eating and digestion processes that can ultimately result in reducing few pounds.

2 Glasses of Water

Studies and research have shown that most of the people usually end up eating when they are thirsty. They inappropriately respond to thirst due to their body’s metabolism misinterpreting the thirst with hunger. You should always opt for water even if you are 100% sure its hunger, not thirst. Water helps to stabilize body heat, which helps to maintain metabolism. It also helps in reducing weight as it gradually decreases eating habits. Water is the best way to displace calories in the body and burn fat.

Rearrange Your Shelf

Well, this may sound silly but it is one of the most effective ways to reduce your weight. This is also the most unorthodox method as it makes sure you never get access to unhealthy junk food in jars on your shelves such as candies, sweets, chocolates and more. You can replace them with beans and small healthy treats that can provide you with essential protein, vitamins, and minerals instead of fattening food and snacks.

Herbs & Black Pepper

After every meal, you can go for fresh herbs and black pepper instead of any sweet item. This is a double stacking weight loss trick and recent researches have shown a very powerful compound known as piperine, in black pepper. It has a great ability to reduce inflammation and burn fat cells, resulting in the decrease of fats in waist area along with reducing cholesterol level. Fresh herbs can also be used to reduce weight. One such example is drinking herbal tea or green tea. It specifically targets the fat in the abdomen area which results in burning of fat and weight loss.


You can burn calories while sitting on a couch. This may sound too lazy and absurd but it is possible as you can watch a comedy show with ultimate laughter. Laughing helps burn calories and it is also a type of psychological exercise. It helps to boost your body metabolism, which results in burning of fats and calories. So which comedy shows are you watching tonight for the sake of weight loss?


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